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are there any hang out joints for rc heli ethusiastics?
Hello everyone,  

I'm new to rc choppers. recently purchased an entry level co-channel 4 channel esky KOB and realized that i have an issue. i understand the blade effect (the booming swing to the left). yes, we compensate it with the trim. but in my case, my trim was actually max-ed out to the end. in order for me to compensate for the yaw and the rudder, i always have to have a positive input on the stick. my question is can this be fixed? can i have it on level i do not require a large input for trim? if possible, i would like to have at least half of the trim.

is there any thing i can do to fix this issue? or i do not have any option as it is just an entry level chopper which has very limited settings for me to play with?

are there any hang out joints for rc heli ethusiastics? perhaps it would be ideal to sit and have coffee at the same time exchanging thoughts. i live in tanjung duren and if theres some one whos interested in.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Startup video studio

Thank you.
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